Thursday, March 14, 2019

DECLUTTER: Does it spark joy?

This is the key question that Marie Kondo asks when trying to declutter other people's stuff. She says to the people she is helping to hold an object and for them to ask themselves if whatever they are holding "sparks joy." If it doesn't, get rid of it so that they can have joy.

During Lent, we don't just give up something for the sake of giving it up. We give it up so that we might find a joy that we didn't know existed.

This practice goes beyond just stuff. It begins by being self-aware of the things that are weighing us down in our lives. What is it that is holding ME back from being joyful? Is it a person? Is it my church? Is it an unhealthy habit? A behavior? Unreasonable expectations of someone? Social media? Television?

It could be a variety of things that are holding us back from being fully who God has called us to be.

 And at the essence of this journey is a joy.

We can be stuck here. We can become the victim and blame others for our lack of joy. But it is up to us and no one else.

And at the heart of this journey is "change". Changing our belief system. Changing how we perceive ourselves. Change. Change. Change... so that we might have joy.

So as we take a deep, inward look at ourselves... we listen... and we respond to the way in which God is leading his people to deep waters of joy.