Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Is forgiveness REAL?

Is forgiveness real? 

Forgiveness is one of those fundamental words that Christians carry around with them. But is real forgiveness actually attainable? I have met many (I suppose) Godly people who carry decades worth of unforgiveness. They carry it around with them everywhere they go... a hurtful word/action someone said or did years ago. 

And we live in a society that can't wait to get its vengeance. Why forgive when you could sue? Why forgive when you could prosecute? Why forgive when someone was clearly in the wrong? Shouldn't they have to pay the price? 

Jesus' call to his followers is to embody a life of forgiveness. A life that doesn't seek retribution but seeks to forgive, release, let go of something hurtful that someone else did. 

There is no doubt that most of us never seek forgiveness because... 

  • is too hard... seeking vengeance and retribution is easier and natural. Jesus aims at breaking this cycle. 
  • ...we are letting the other person off the hook. Seeking forgiveness is about YOU not about the other person. This is confusing... because we think that we are seeking retribution by not dismissing the person that hurt us. But really what is happening is that unforgiveness holds you back from becoming fully who God has called you to be. Forgiveness is about freedom for YOU. 
  • is to difficult of a journey. That is right... forgiveness is a long journey. It has no absolute end date. And in this journey, we confront some hard realities that maybe we have been avoiding for a long time. 

Although scripture talks a lot about forgiveness it doesn't give a clear pathway on how we live it out. So this Sunday we will talk about some myths about forgiveness and a blueprint of what the journey towards forgiveness looks like.