Thursday, February 14, 2019

FOLLOW: Discovering your WHY!

Jesus never sugar coated the invitation to follow him. The invitation to follow him would mean a great deal of sacrifice, obedience, and even death. 

Following Jesus is a radical decision to make. 

Disciples left their family businesses, their families, their children, their friends all to follow Jesus. You don't do this without a why

Many disciples today no longer choose this radical way but a comfortable way. A way that is their own. Jesus has become merely a name we throw around to hang out with a group of people. Sometimes when we name our why it doesn't sound too good. 

WHY do we follow Jesus? 
Is it because we have gone to church our whole lives and this is just what we are supposed to do? 

If we don't have a good, solid why then there is no reason for us to grow in our faith, change our behaviors, live out Jesus' teachings. 

Jesus looked at his disciples and told them that their reward/blessing would be later. But the journey between would be difficult. 

The reason that the disciples were able to keep following Jesus is that they believed in their WHY. Jesus was changing and redeeming lives. It wasn't easy. But it was worth it. 

So they weren't afraid of sick people, demon possessed people, criticism, hate. That is why they could forgive their enemies even when it was extremely painful. They knew their why

It is our WHY that gives us the courage to take risks, endure trials in our lives.