Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Embracing the "R"(esolution) Word

It is "resolution" time again. For some of us, we have a strong allergic reaction to this word. We try hard to stay away from it while others are making resolutions and goals for a better self.

Maybe we who stand on the sidelines are sarcastically awaiting the people with resolutions to soon abandon their goals because of failure. We might think that one day they will learn that resolutions are silly because they aren't lasting.

So now... we like a lot of people... don't make goals. In fact, any time people are making goals we check out.

I know this person... because it was me. I use to think resolutions were stupid (can I preacher say that?). Yet now I see the New Year as a fresh opportunity to make some intentional goals for the year. But in working past my cynism of resolutions I had to accept some harsh realities... and so will you... if you choose to grow and become a better version of yourself.

1. First, let's get something out the way... most people don't make resolutions because at one point in there lives they failed... reality check. YOU WILL FAIL. The people who succeed in their goals... at one point failed... they just picked themselves up and kept going. We have to do the same.
2. Pay attention to the SHOULDs in your life. The second mental challenge/hurdle to jump over... is what to be resolute about... Everyone has an inner voice. What is it saying? Maybe it is to be healthier emotionally, physically, financially or something else with "ly" on it. Everyone has different shoulds.
2. Don't be LOFTY... think small steps... it is the small moments that count. You want to exercise. Start by making goals for a weekly/daily commitment that are doable.
3. It's going to hurt. Changing our lives has its fruits... but it hurts. Don't be surprised by this. The fruit is the ability to work and suffer through the changes.