Thursday, December 13, 2018

Our God is JOY!

Joy for many of us is a fleeting feeling. It is a feeling that comes when we purchase something new. And then weeks later we realize that whatever we purchased no longer gives us the same joy.

We begin saying phrases that I would be joyful if... 

Our joy becomes dependent on what we have, our circumstances, and relationships. 

So often our joy is rooted in all things working right. The problem is that the world doesn't work this way. 

Things that were new will soon become old. Challenging circumstances will soon come our way. 

Yet it is possible not to lose our joy. 

It is all about making space each day for the one who gives eternal joy.
This seems way to simple. But most of us give a lot of our time to the things that will only give us temporary joy. 

What might it look like to spend a few minutes each day reading scripture and praying? We might find that this practice, over time, will root our hearts in God. So that when "life" happens... life won't steal our joy... but instead ground us in the one that gives us life.