Thursday, November 29, 2018

Our God is... FAITHFUL

Christians are a people of paradox. We are a both/and type of people. We like everyone else spends most of our time in the in-between and not-yets of life. We are always waiting for something. Maybe we are waiting for that job promotion, to get better from a cold, to have children, for the children to move out, etc. We live in a world of in-betweens and not-yets. Our world still has a lot of bad... and we are waiting for the good

Jesus said it this way we are in this world but we are not of it. We serve not the vision of the world but the vision of God.

So often our circumstance can be definitive. We think that our lives won't ever get better. Or that the world won't ever get better... maybe it is deep down we think what we are waiting for won't ever come.

We tell stories each advent season of a savior who was born in obscurity. What we know about the manger... the world didn't. Very few had a glimpse at what God was up to.

And many of us have been privy to this in our own lives. How many moments of our lives has God been faithful to us? God showed up in miraculous ways. Maybe it was a job promotion or healthy delivery of a baby. We thought our odds were stacked against us yet God was faithful. And if God was faithful then... God will be faithful now.