Thursday, November 15, 2018


The abundant love that God offers to us isn't meant to be stored up but to be given generously. Many of us are really good at loving those that love us back. Yet Jesus pushes past just loving those that love us back. Jesus asks, "What credit is it to you if you just love those that love you back? Even sinners do that..." But the love that Jesus calls us to offer is generous and knows no boundaries. 

Jesus calls us to love our enemies. Jesus wants us to love those that have deeply hurt us. And then Jesus calls us to forgive. Jesus goes further and calls us to love the stranger among us. Love the prisoner. Love the marginalized. 

Many pushed back on Jesus. Many of us including myself desire a safe love. A love that has benefits. The way Jesus calls us to love doesn't seem just. Yet God's love isn't just. 

God calls our lives to be a vessel for his love. His unconditional, know no boundary type of love. 

The paradox that we might discover is that the more we understand God's love for ourselves the better we might love others. And the more we love others generously the more we will understand God's love for our lives.