Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Where is God when it hurts?

This coming week we will explore this question all humanity at some point has asked. God, where are you when my friend is suffering? Did God do this? Why do we suffer?

I have sat in the presence of many people that have asked these questions. I have asked these questions. Most often asked in seasons of deep grief and pain.

This just might be the unanswerable question.

We might not get to the bottom of the philosophical question of suffering. But Hebrews chapter 2 reveals something powerful about Jesus Christ. Jesus, God's son, comes to this earth and doesn't avoid this thing called "suffering"... he very much embraces it. Jesus doesn't look away from our pain but instead feels it in his body.

Jesus isn't separated from our humanity and suffering. He comes to live in our skin and frailties. He comes to exist within all our questions. Hebrews calls Jesus our brother. The one who walks closely with us in times of deep grief and sadness.

Although I have not discovered the answer to some of the deepest questions we all have carried... I can tell you what is true... is that in our greatest moments of suffering... I have experienced a God that has stayed with us.

Looking forward to diving deeper this coming Sunday!