Wednesday, October 24, 2018


God loves you. These words sound cliche. They sound elementary. 

 And these words can and will change the trajectory of your life. 

Before you were ever in the womb. God had a plan. God spoke. And said, "You are my beloved." His special child. Unique. 

Maybe you are like me and sometimes think that God got it wrong. Surely I am not that special. Maybe we even think we were a mistake and worthless. We have spent our whole lives bowing down to the voices who call us nothing. 

Yet before you were even formed... God said that you were something... his precious creation... for which God adored. Valued and Loved.

Understanding God's love for you is of singular importance and to know much about God... yet not know his love... is a total loss. 

Yet to know God's love and that you are chosen... will change your world.