Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BELOVED: Blessed

Many of us before we eat a meal say a blessing. Or we might say we "give thanks". The Latin word for blessed is benedicere which means benediction or to speak well of something or someone.

Essentially what we are doing when we bless something (like a dinner) or someone we are saying that it is from God. These words go far beyond admiration or encouraging words. We are each like bread. We give thanks over one another's lives in hopes that we might know God's love.

It is acknowledging the reality that we are all children of God.

Part of recognizing our own belovedness is recognizing that our lives are blessed by God. I don't mean materially.

It means that God celebrates and gives thanks over our lives. We are each blessed by God. Before we ever took our first breath... God blessed us.

So often we receive blessings by replying "you didn't have to say that or do that". The truth is we need to be blessed by others so that we might reveal to ourselves and others that God holds our lives.