Thursday, July 5, 2018

This Sunday: SENT

The past few weeks we have taken a look in acts at the early church in the sermon series Ekklesia. Acts' full title is 'Acts of the Apostles'. As we know from reading together over the past weeks, it talks of how the apostles have been a sent people, taking God's message to the world. In Jesus' final days after the resurrection, He leaves us with the great commission, the different gospels have a little variation, but the gist of it is this: 'I send you forth to tell the whole world the good news.' This commission was not just for the apostles, it was for you and me and every Christian that would ever be. so, are we all meant to be missionaries? I don't think so, I think we were meant to live as a people with a purpose, fishers of men, a sent people. Sent where? Sent into all the corners of the world which include your homes, your workplaces, and wherever you go. This week we will talk about how we can live out that call to be a people that are sent, by taking a look at when Jesus first sent out his 12 disciples. 4 major points can be taken from Jesus' instructions when he sent the disciples: go in faith, go together, don't let anyone stop your mission, and most importantly go with power and authority. When we do these things, we can truly be a sent people. Through Christ, we can transform lives, transform relationships, and transform communities all for His glory.