Monday, July 2, 2018

New Series starting July 15th on Dealing with Conflict

If you are "normal" you probably hate dealing with conflict. Yet... as long as we are around human beings... inside or outside the church... conflict will exist. Most of us "normal" people deal with conflict by avoiding it. It is the natural and easy way.

The hidden lie in our avoidance is the slow destruction of a relationship. And then one day... we turn around... and we wonder whatever happened to my friendship, my relationship with spouse, my children...

Jesus is about healing and restoring our broken relationships. That is why this issue is so important. In Matthew 18 Jesus gave us some practical ways to seek peace and freedom in all our relationships.

Maybe you are dealing with a conflict and could use some healthy ways to work through it. Or maybe you have a friend that could benefit.

Looking forward to diving in... in hopes that we might find peace and reconciliation in all our relationships.