Wednesday, June 13, 2018

EKKLESIA: Unlikely

These past few weeks our working definition of the church has been an assembly of ordinary people transformed by God's Spirit. But maybe "ordinary" doesn't go far enough... a better word might be unlikely. 

Would you have ever thought that the God of the Universe wanted to use you to change the world?

When you think about it... we embrace the story of the unlikely. Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Esther, David, Isaiah, Peter, Paul... to name a few... were all unlikely. They didn't fit the script. 

Yet God used them to do something extraordinary in their lifetime. 

This Sunday we will be talking about Phillip. An unlikely follower of Christ. He was given the task to provide food for the widows in the church community. He went far beyond this... stretching the grace of Jesus Christ far beyond providing food... then the church thought possible. 

All because he was obedient God's Spirit. When we give ourselves to God's Spirit... hold on... get ready... God is going to do something awesome. It isn't a matter of what the Church needs to do in this age... but how much we are willing to say YES to God's Spirit... and to embrace the Unlikely possibilities. And to have the audacity to believe that God wants to use us unlikely people to transform the world.