Thursday, June 28, 2018

EKKLESIA: Transformed

This week we are confronted with a powerful truth: "We can't change people." We can't make people more committed. We can't make people nicer. We can't make people see our viewpoint. We can't make people make good decisions. We can't... and all the work trying to... as we might discover is frivolous. 
It doesn't matter how nice we are about it... or how eloquent our argument might be. We can't change people. 

For example, I believe ALL car debt is BAD. And yet most people my age drive brand new vehicles. I am pretty sure each month they pay a payment. All the while I am preaching the gospel of buying your car in cash so that you can put more into your child's college and retirement. I haven't convinced anyone yet. 

And probably won't. 

Transformation in people's lives has always been and is God's job. 

There is something freeing about this... I no longer need to waste my time trying to change someone. Or trying to bring them around to accept or see the world the way I do. 

In fact, too much of the church's work is focused around what the world needs to change.

Maybe our work and focus should be focused on what God has transformed and is transforming in us... and then to share this holy work with the world.