Thursday, June 7, 2018

EKKLESIA: Living in the Spirit

Stephen, the first martyr stood before his imminent death and gave a sermon that still echoes through Christendom to this day. Even still, in the midst of the stoning, as death begun to call his name, Stephen found it in himself to ask that God not hold the sins of his persecutors against him. What gave Stephen such strength? How was an ordinary man, chosen to help lead the administrative efforts of the early church able to accomplish such great feats? It is because Stephen was ‘full of the Holy Spirit’. The Holy Spirit, often the most overlooked of the Trinity, is a great power that God has gifted all of us. Are you living in the spirit? Could you say that you are full of the spirit? How would your life change if you were? Join us this Sunday as we ponder these questions and more at Bethel and Locust Hill and continue one our Ekklesia series, with one of the greatest tools the church has for success, the Holy Spirit.