Thursday, May 31, 2018

EKKLESIA: Commitment

We are all committed to something. The way we live our life puts on a grand display of what our values are. Saying we are committed to something... is of little worth... unless it actually takes root in our lives. Jesus said it this way, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." The confusion comes when we claim to be committed to something that we really are not. 

And the root of what we value in our commitments are our beliefs or outcomes to living such a way. In other words, our commitments matter and make difference in our lives and the world. 

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ wants our full commitment. Scripture tells a story about a man needing to go bury his dead father... he pleads with Jesus... to first let him attend to funeral matters... then he will follow. But Jesus demanded his present full attention (the dead will bury the dead). It seems cold... but in a way... Jesus was saying that if you are going to commit to me... then don't just say it... actually mean it and do it. 

The early church community took the words commitment and devotion seriously. They committed to sharing and holding all property and proceeds in common. They donated ALL they had to help ANY in need. God's grace was evident amongst the early church.  

And then a few verses later we meet Ananias and Saphira. Maybe Ananias and Saphira saw this amazing movement of the church and thought to themselves... we would like to be a part of this. Maybe they wanted to experience the fullness of God's Spirit that was being poured out among the church... without the fullness of commitment. So they just sold a part of their property and gave a part of their proceeds. 

Their tepid commitment stirred the early church. It was abundantly clear they weren't committed. Their nonchalant commitment became a threat to the church and what God was up to among them. 

And there are many of us who like the idea of Jesus... we want all the benefits... but we don't want to sweat. 

Yet we are reminded again that God's church isn't just a loose association of people... who need to feel good about themselves. But nonetheless, a people that are committed to God and one another. 

There is no doubt we ALL have work to do. We all have rough edges that need our attention. So may we accept God's generous invitation once again... to commit everything... all that we are... to say Here I Am, Lord!