Thursday, April 5, 2018

Things I Wish Jesus Never Said: DO NOT JUDGE

Let's face it... there were things that Jesus taught... that we wished he had never said. We avoid these teachings like the plague. Love your enemies... and pray for them... give... me... a... break! Seriously! Who does that? Especially the last part... pray for them?

We tend to do our best to ignore these words. We search for the teachings that are convenient and mold easily to our lives. 

Before we can live out what Jesus taught... we must understand the value. If we don't understand the value of not judging others... then we will never truly live into such a teaching. Maybe Jesus' teachings although hard were meant to free us from the bondage of hate and evil. 

My confession... I judge others... I also confess... that it feels kind of good to judge others. Yet I understand the sickness of judging others. The sickness is that...
1. It takes the spotlight off me and my imperfections. I feel better to talk about someone else's mistakes than to talk about my own. 
2. My judgments are most times not made in love... but often come from a place of hate (let's be real). When I judge somebody... I am not doing it because I love them... 

And this is where Jesus comes in to say to us... this is not a way to live. It is not caring. It is not helpful.And it is not loving. 

Jesus gently puts the spotlight back on us... asking us to take the log out of our own eyes. And when we see our brother and sister stumbling... instead of judging them. We would like God... with a ton of kindness and gentleness affirm and build them up. 

Looking forward to diving deeper into the teachings of Jesus together.