Thursday, March 29, 2018

This Sunday: LIFE with Purpose

"What are you looking for?" This is the questions that Jesus asked not once but twice in the gospel of John.

Jesus didn't say, who are you looking for but what are you looking for.

At the heart of this question is purpose. How does the what connect to the you.? Humans have struggled for ages on the what... what is my purpose in this life?

Can we name our purpose? Do we trip over words... trying to put our finger on that thing we felt God put us on this earth for...

Research shows people with purpose... live longer. They live!

People without purpose... day in and day out...  are depressed because they realize they are doing the same thing every day... but people with a purpose don't see the mundane like this... instead, they realize how the mundane actions of life feed their purpose.

Resurrection changes our direction... it gives us hope for our today and future... it undergirds our purpose in life...

Maybe Jesus asked this question to challenge people who wanted a SAVIOR that was going to do it all... so they wouldn't have to think about their purpose...

Jesus' question was an invitation to be a PART of a movement. An invitation to a life of purpose... a life of doing good.