Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Three Week Sermon Series on Direction starting this Sunday

I have never been a "resolution" kind of guy. We have all heard the stats that the resolutions we make fail and rarely succeed. Knowing this... why try? 

I think I might find myself in great company with folks who don't make yearly resolutions or goals. 

Yet something this past year has changed. I don't know if it is being a parent or what it is. Maybe for most of my life, there have been "life goals." Benchmarks that were just there. When I was in elementary school the goal was middle school and then in middle school, the goal was high school. You get my train of thought here. And now that I have been finished with school for almost ten years I have begun to wonder, "what's next? Retire and then die?" That is kind of depressing... so even if failure is inevitable with resolutions and goals... I am going to make them either way. There is something empowering that happens when we attain or complete a goal. 

Although I haven't run that much in the past year... I very much love running... anytime I ran the distance I desired... it felt great! 

Part of the vision of this series is for each of us to make goals. And then assess what changes/ adjustments have to be made that helps us reach our goal.