Thursday, January 18, 2018

DIRECTION: What Makes You Come Alive

The words "follow me" are radical. They are based on a deep and inner trust that someone else's way is better than ours. Not only is this different way better but we also believe we are better for it. This is the song of a Christ-following people. We proclaim Jesus is Lord of our life. This means we have given God territory over our whole selves. We trust that God's ways are better. We also proclaim repentance. We are willing to change and turn to a better path.

The scripture we are reading this Sunday is from Mark 1. We read about disciples who dropped everything to follow Jesus. They dropped their nets, left their family business, and immediately followed Jesus. 

For the past few weeks, the directed question I have asked, "What is your goal for this year? What do you need to change to accomplish that goal?" 

Another way to ask this question... "What makes you come alive?" and "What are you doing to pursue whatever that is?" 

These future disciples found what made them come alive. Mark said, "The time has come... the kingdom of God is near..." They didn't take time to think or ponder. Something was happening in their life then and there. It was a right now kind of moment. And they left the most valuable commodity they had in their life: their father. 

There is always something holding us up. So we must take the initiative and say goodbye to whatever that is. If it is the ice cream in your fridge... say bye, bye. If it is anger and bitterness towards someone say bye, bye to that anger and bitterness. The new you doesn't hold on to those things anymore. The new you seeks after something greater... something better... something good... something that makes you alive.