Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DIRECTION: Come and See

In the Early church before a person was baptized, they would first face west. The sun sets in the west. As they faced west they would renounce their sins. This was symbolic of the sun's setting on their sins. Then they would turn and face east. Facing east they would profess Jesus as Lord. It was in this physical action that represented the shift that was taking place in their life. 

We are consistently making this shift on our journey. We are constantly turning from the negative patterns of the world so that we might live deeper into the patterns of God.
It is easy to lose sight of this shift and become complacent. We begin to wonder and meander through life. We don't have goals and we sure don't have a vision. Even though we don't realize it... we quit growing. Life becomes stale and lacking. We wonder why we aren't content or happy. Oddly at the same time, we carry a mentality that thinks we have the world figured out and that we have the answers to every question. Living in such in this reality is dangerous. Especially dangerous is if the church lives in such a way! Dangerous because so often we don't even realize it. We stop caring about Jesus and care more about our own voice and way. 

So we must be intentional not to live in such a way. This Sunday we will read about Nathaneal. Nathaneal was a Rabbi who was convinced that the Messiah surely wouldn't come from Nazareth. Yet Nathaneal was not having it when Phillip came to him telling him of this amazing experience that he had with Jesus. He couldn't understand Phillips' experience because of his solidified theological views about the Messiah. 

If Nathaneal wanted in on what Phillips was experiencing he would have to change his views. He would have to lose some of the solidified stereotypes that he carried. Simply he would have to turn from the West to East. He would have to change. 

This is no easy feat. Theodore Roosevelt reminds us that most everyone we admire fought for what they believed in. The change they sought didn't come easy. And it won't for us. 

So where is God changing you? Where is God calling you to set goals? And how are you going to pursue this in the coming year?