Thursday, January 25, 2018


I confess when I started preparing for this series I realized something big. I realized that I didn't quite get the word blessed. My email signature is blessings but I couldn't really name what it meant. 

Most times we use this word when talking about financial prosperity. If we have land, property, and money we say, "We are blessed." Or if we are in good health we say, "I am blessed." Couples that conceive a child easily might say, "We are blessed." Those in power say that they are blessed with their position. The word tends to revolve around money, fertility, and power. Interpreting the word blessing this way has left me with some questions. I wonder about those who are poor? Are they not blessed? What about the couple that can't conceive a child... are they cursed? What about the faithful servants who don't have voice and power? Are they not blessed? 

I understand that dismantling how we perceive such a word in our vocabulary is difficult. But it is vital. It is one of the first actions of God in Genesis: "God Blessed". First God created then God blessed his creation. You can think about blessing in terms of conduction. Electricity is brought into our homes by conduction through powerlines. So to be blessed by God is to be connected to God. It is a means by which God "conducts" his relationship with us. 

From the beginning of Genesis, we learn something about God. God doesn't just leave his creation to be self-sufficient. God blesses it, which mean God wants to be connected and in a relationship with us. This is the advent story... Emmanuel... God with Us. 

The beautiful reality is that it has nothing to do with our actions, financial status, health, etc. There are things that God calls us to do so that we might live in the fullness of what we call a blessing.

This begins to change everything for me. 

Every spiritual discipline we practice is a blessing. Spiritual disciplines are a blessing because it leads us to a deeper relationship and connection with Jesus Christ, which is the blessing. We pray... so we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. We serve... so we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. We read scripture... so that we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. We worship together... so that we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. We give our money... so that we can grow closer to Jesus Christ. 

So that we may be blessed. The blessing is already ours to receive.