Thursday, December 7, 2017

Advent Conspiracy Week 2

American's spent 658 billion dollars during the 2016 holiday season. Just a few years ago American's spent 450 billion dollars. Most retailers (and I don't blame them) depend on holiday shoppers spending lots of money so that they can make lots of money and keep their store doors open. They sell us the myth through endless advertisements of all the things we must have. 

And we buy into it. The very thought of changing our spending behavior is ludicrous. Because we have bought into the idea that Christmas is about all the gifts and the decorations. So we spend, spend, spend. While retailers are celebrating never expected revenues we are left with wondering what is this season really about. 

Can the story of Christmas change us? Is Christmas less about things and gifts? Is Christmas less about us? What might it be like if we used our money not to buy gifts but instead donated a portion to an organization we are passionate about? What if we bought someone a Christmas dinner? Instead of buying everyone a gift what about visiting with a shut-in? 

At the end of the day, it is our choice how we spend this season. This season offers each of us a beautiful gift. A gift that isn't tangible. A gift that leads us into a deeper communion with Jesus Christ and one another. My hope is that together we might pursue this gift. Because as Cousin Eddie said it, "It's the gift that keeps on givin'..."