Thursday, November 9, 2017

More than what others think

We live in a society that is consumed by what others have and we don't have. We see a Facebook post of a friend's newly purchased home and it makes us second guess where we live. It makes us feel unsatisfied. We ask, "Why don't I live in a house like that?" If we are not careful, we will begin to live a life that is always seeking to measure up and compare ourselves to others. We can drive through new housing developments and notice the new houses and new cars, but what we don't see is the debt. We just see the material. 

This week we are reading the story of Goliath and David. Goliath was huge. And Israel's strategy in defeating Goliath was to be like Goliath. But this was impossible!

So, Saul, had David put on metal armor to defeat Goliath. In doing that David had to put down the familiar. He had to put down his staff, shepherds pouch, and slingshot. All the things that gave David victory in the past against lions and bears. 

David realized that the armor was not "him". He said to Saul, "I cannot walk with these." The key to taking down Goliath was not to be a warrior but to be a shepherd. 

When we try to keep up with the Joneses' we will sacrifice and give up a lot so that we might measure up. What we fail to see is that the Joneses' are deep in debt, stressed out, depressed, and broke!

Instead of trying to measuring up we should recognize who we are in God. What gifts has God given you? What is your calling in this life? What are your vision and values? 

Let these questions drive your life not what others have or how others conduct their life.