Wednesday, November 1, 2017

More Than Conquerors

Suffering and pain are a part of being human. It can't be avoided. Our hopes are that we might get on the other side of our pain. Whether it may be physical pain or a disparaging circumstance. 

We might experience something special when we meet others that are in the midst of the pain that we have conquered. We find ourselves saying, "I have been through something similar and I beat it!... so you can too!" This is different than "I am with you" or "you will get through it." We are saying, "I have felt what you are feeling, I know it sucks, but I survived and so will you." 

When someone says they have experienced our pain and strife it builds a unique kinship. In some ways, it gives our pain a certain value and place. 

It connects us with one another. 

Paul the apostle suffered as a follower of Christ. He felt much physical and emotional pain. Yet he didn't ask, "why me?" Yet saw his pain as building a unique kinship with Christ. 

Paul knew pain. Christ knew pain. His conclusion was that his pain united him with Christ. And in Christ, pain is momentary. Victory is certain.

In Philippians Paul said, "in my pain, I experience Christ's death so that I might experience Christs' resurrection." (paraphrased) 

For Paul and hopefully us we might see our pain as a mother feeling her birth pains. The pain signifies that life is to come. 

Know this you are not alone in your suffering. You are a conqueror. You will prevail. Jesus stands with you. 

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