Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Exodus: God will not abandon YOU

Have you ever made a mistake that was out of your character? You stopped and wondered, who was that person? That isn't like me? We hold onto these embarrassing and shameful moments. These can be the moments that hold us back from God. Moments we think God might abandon us. 

The Israelites lived into this story we know so well. They gave the "Deliverance" credit to Moses and not God. And then to further violate this story they made an idol to worship. 

This wasn't the kind of people that God was imagining. And sometimes we might think the same, "I am not the person God was imagining." We sometimes take these moments a step further. We believe that God has abandoned us because of our mistakes. We think, "Surely God will just leave us behind." 

Moses was worried that this was the case. He was worried that God was done. 

Yet there is no room in God's character for abandonment. 

There is nothing that we could ever do that would separate us from the father. 

I think about my daughter Laurel. She could grow up to be a successful, accomplished person. I would be very proud of her. Or she could grow up and make terrible decisions. Regardless of the journey, she does take... I will always be her father... and she will always be my daughter. 

Nothing will ever change that. 

And so when we do things that seem far enough that we think God should abandon us... think again. 

God always leans in with mercy and grace. 

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