Thursday, September 28, 2017

Exodus: Is the Lord Among Us or Not?

We should have bought a new tube of toothpaste last month. Money wasn't the issue. We could afford it. Yet I have been squeezing every ounce of toothpaste out of the sample Kiah got at the dentist. 

This week we journey alongside the Israelites in Exodus. They are in a physical desert. Resources that they need to survive are hard to come by. They are forced to reckon with their dependence upon God. We hear it in Moses anxious question, "Is the Lord among us or not?" 

For many of us leaning on God through prayer and scripture might be a last resort.

We are better prepared to drink from the waters of our own anxieties and worries. God is our backup plan. 

Yet God has and can save us! It is God who delivered us, and God is delivering us. We must lose our impulse to run on empty. Instead, we must press in and rely on all things God. 

We all have time to give. It does take discipline. Jesus said, "Whoever drinks the water I give them will never be thirsty again." What a promise!

Here are some simple questions...

How often do you read scripture or meditate? Write a scripture you like on a card and carry it with you. 
How often do you pray? Try praying the Lord's prayer multiple times a day. 
How often do you serve others? If not... where can you serve others in your community? Visit a shut-in in the church.  Service to others is a way that fills us with God. 

What is making you anxious? No longer seek the things of the world. Allow God to fill your soul. 

Check out this poem by Rainer Marie Rilke... 
Oh say, poet, what you do?
I praise.
But what about the deadly and monstrous?
How do you keep going, how do you take it all in?
I praise.

What is the deadly and monstrous? Be filled with God!