Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Sunday: The Struggle to be Real

In a small church it is hard to show up and not be noticed. It must be a daunting task to be a first time attender at a small church. Everyone is nice and hospitable to this new person. But then later in the week the new person becomes suspect. We ask, "Who were they?". We remark, "I have never seen them before." We ask, "Where did they say...they live again?" The most embarrassing of them all, "I didn't get their name...oh well." 
We say that we want to "grow" as a church, but lets face it... we have some strong parameters for what we mean when we say such things. 

Studies show that in growing populations that the church will continue to decline. Millennials especially no longer find church valuable. We should pay attention to "why" they don't feel that church is valuable. They feel that people who "follow Jesus" are not real. They are superficial and hypocritical. There is a severe disconnect between the lives they lead and the Jesus they follow. 

Millennials are not saying that they want a perfect church. They are saying that they want to follow Jesus with a group of people who are real. People that are able to accept and own their faults. People who don't find every person suspect because of who they are. People that genuinely care. 

They want a church that struggles to be real. A church that lives in the grey area. Young people and myself included think everyone desires a church to be real and vulnerable.