Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Exodus: Finding God in our difficulties

God can take our greatest difficulties and transform them into beautiful stories of redemption. We might see our difficulties, disappointments, and failures as definitive. In our difficulties, we are prone to become cynical and skeptical. The Exodus story reveals to us a different perspective. It is in the places of our greatest challenges that become places of beautiful transformation. 

Moses didn't fit the ideal for a prophet. He wasn't well liked by his people or the Egyptians. He was 80 years old. He had settled in a different place. Everything in Moses' life revealed that he was not the person for the job. Yet at Mount Horeb (Horeb means wasteland) God called him to be the deliverer of his people. 

God took a place called wasteland and made it into a holy place. It wasn't in the confines of a beautiful sanctuary but out beyond the wilderness. It was in the mire of the challenge. 

It is hard to hear God's voice in our difficulties. We are very much in love with our own voice.  The voice that calls us to complain. The voice that leads us to the land of anger and bitterness. The voice that says, "Surely, you aren't calling me God?!?!" Yet God is. In our darkest moment, God calls our name. Awakening us. Hearing us. Calling us. Inviting us to go with him. 

As we reflect on our life as a church. Sure we have difficulties. We have challenges. Yet God is on our side. God will not abandon us. God can take our challenging moments and make them into beautiful stories of redemption.