Thursday, July 6, 2017

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: FLAWED

"For I do not do what I want, but I DO what I hate." I remember reading these words for the first time as a teenager. I felt like Paul knew me! He knew the flaw that existed within me. I felt powerless to sin. I knew what I ought not to say in an argument but I said it anyway. I knew that I ought to love my enemy as Jesus taught but I couldn't help but hate them. I knew that I ought to forgive those that had hurt me but I was helpless in becoming bitter. 

Paul exposes the flaw in all of us. The helplessness in being fully what God has created us to be. 

It doesn't take much or any convincing us of this flaw. We know this person well. Paul says that we were "sold" into slavery under sin. We know that we are bound to sin. 

What does take some convincing is that God's grace is sufficient enough to free us from this bondage. 

Paul asked the question in response to this bent to sinning, "Who will rescue me?" His response, "Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!" This freedom wasn't later to Paul... it was present. Those who are in Jesus Christ are a "new creation." Paul said to the Ephesus community that we were all created to do good works in Christ Jesus. 

The freedom from slavery to sin is a release to a life spent on God. It is the grace that enables us to love our neighbor and our enemies here and now.