Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jonah Week 2: Gifted and Effective

We might think that our greatest deficit as a churches is money and people. This is the enduring theme among many table conversations. We say, "only if we had more money and people then we could accomplish God's mission for the church." Or, "Only if we had more children then we could accomplish God's mission. "

God wasn't trying to be difficult with Jonah by giving him a difficult mission. 

Jonah demonstrates that his and our greatest obstacle is not a circumstance, thing, or even God's mission. Jonah's greatest obstacle was JONAH! Our greatest obstacle is US! God has given each of us strengths, which also means we have limitations. Our tendency is to focus on our limitations rather than our strengths (what we don't do well/ what we don't have). What might be our limitation might be a strength of the person sitting next to us. 

The problem is that the Church has adopted a deficit strategy to accomplish it's mission. We think of the tools we don't have. Some how focusing on what we don't have will accomplish God's mission? We all know a Sports team that plays with this mentality will LOSE! 

What we must learn to be confident in our strengths. And in our weaknesses we will faithfully depend and honor the strength of others. 

I recently asked many of you to take a Spiritual Assessment Survey. I was blown away at the results. There are some (not all) of the many beautiful gifts that make up Bethel and Locust Hill UMC. 

Wisdom, Prophet, Discernment, Teacher, Exhortation, Intercessions, Helps, Mercy, Healing, Craftman/woman, Administration, Faith, Service, Hospitality

There is no doubt that the mission that God is sending us on is difficult. There is also no doubt that God has well-equipped us for such a journey.