Thursday, June 1, 2017

Come to the Table

Growing up we all remember the "different" kid or we were the "different" kid. There is something about people that are different than us that we immediately reject. 

It is innate in our bodies. When a person receives an organ transplant doctors have to suppress the immune system. They do this so that it won't reject the foreign organ. Oddly enough this foreign object is saving a life. 

We steer away from difference. Instead we build high walls around those that are different than us. What do these walls look like? These walls are built by our prejudicial thinking. They are built with the "way we were raised" stereotypes. 

So what might change us? What might erode the high walls of prejudicial thinking? It is rather simple. Be willing to eat at the table with those that are different than you. Instead of building walls... be willing to eat with someone that is different. Hear a different perspective that isn't your voice. Be willing to listen. 

I have been changed and transformed through my relationships with people that are different than me. People that see the world from different political lenses. People that are of a different color skin and nationality than I am. People that have a different understanding of scripture. People that have a different religion. 

There is something life saving about different people. Maybe this is why Jesus ate with the sinner, the marginalized. He was practicing something that just might save us from ourselves.