Thursday, May 25, 2017

Come to the table: You Will Be Blessed

The Pharisees could not understand why Jesus would break bread with those on the margins of society. They could not understand why a good, faithful Jewish Rabbi like Jesus would break bread with the sinners, the unclean, the outcast. 

We understand the Pharisees way of life better than we think. We reserve the spaces around our tables for those that look like us, talk like us, believe like us... We are okay with feeding the hungry but we draw the line when it comes to eating with them. 

Yet Jesus says to a bunch of Pharisees that when they throw a banquet to invite the lame, the poor, the marginalized, the unclean, the sinner to eat. Not only to eat but to give them a place of prominence at the table. I am pretty sure that the pharisees didn't take this invitation well. They weren't raised that way. It isn't what they were taught. We might have similar responses... 

In fact I think we have the exact same response. We say we follow Jesus... but I don't believe we understand completely what we mean when we say this. Because if we follow Jesus... inviting those on the margins, inviting our neighbors, inviting those that are of a different race than us to the table would be simple. Yet we are resistant. We would rather ignore the challenging words of Jesus. 

Jesus says to these Pharisees and to us that living this way makes God's heart leap and dance. Those that live into this practice will be blessed. I hope God  might erode the hardness of our hearts so that we might receive this wonderful invitation to live into the type of life Jesus invites us into.