Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Come to the Table: Two Questions

We started a series two weeks ago called "Come to the Table." Sharing a meal with someone is an intimate act. We tend to share this intimacy only with those closest to us. We have friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow church goers who are all great people. We have prayed for one another. We have encouraged one another. But we have never eaten together. Jesus lived his life extending this gracious invitation to eat together and he calls us into this central act. 

Over these next few weeks I am commissioning us to eat with those in our life for which we have rarely or never have broken bread with. 

This week I invited us to think about those in our congregation. That person we know really well...  even have sat by for years... but have never invited them over to the house to eat. 

Here are two questions that I am inviting us to talk about at the table:
1. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
2. What chore did you dislike growing up?

Hope you might feast and celebrate the mystery of this thing called eating together.