Thursday, April 20, 2017

Doubt: Living Through the Uncertain

Early on in our faith journey we are taught that doubting our faith is a bad thing. We believe those that have a strong faith in God shouldn't have questions. I have seen the most faithful among us go through difficult times carrying many questions. "Why me God?" or "Why them God and not me?". Many of our questions revolve around why we suffer. We are all looking for answer that are bigger than all of us. 

There is also a tremendous amount of guilt that comes alongside our doubt because we are taught that we shouldn't question our faith. We shouldn't ask the "why" questions. 

Maybe we are afraid of this land of uncertainty. The land that lacks clarity. The land full of misunderstanding. Yet this is how Thomas comes to such a confession, " My Lord and My God!". He passes through the land of uncertainty in search of a deeper faith. In search of Jesus, himself, "Unless I put my finger in his wounds...". 

I wouldn't want us to get the idea that living and passing through the land of doubt are the same. One can lead to cynicism and bitterness while the other one we can lead us to a deeper faith that we have yet to discover. From what I might gather from Thomas... it is well worth the journey.