Thursday, April 27, 2017

Come to the Table

In almost every worship space there stands a table in the chancel (fancy word for the stage). It says on the front of it, "This do in remembrance of me." I ponder what these words might mean for the church. What do these words mean for a church living in a age of attendance decline?

We look past the words "This Do in Remembrance of Me." We go fishing for evangelism plans of the days of old. We think what might solve our churches declining problems is to go door to door. We should call up those that left long ago and invite them to come back. These plans do have their place in the life of the church, but I am not so sure they will do for us what we think they should do. 

These next few weeks I am suggesting two things. First, give up on trying to grow the church (I can't believe the pastor is saying this...). I think sometimes you need to give up on something for something new to arise. Second go old school. Let's focus on the "this". 

If there is anything I know about Jesus is that he loved to break bread and fellowship. It didn't matter who it was. Sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, the religious elite, the disciples, and even a betrayer. The church continued the tradition of eating together around the table. 

Our challenge over these next few weeks is to reawaken a significant spiritual practice of eating together but also to embrace the challenge to invite those in your community to eat around your table. Invite those that would never grace the doors of the church but just might grace the doors of your home.