Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rediscovering Good Attitudes: PATIENCE

Let me go ahead and confess that I have very little patience when it comes to waiting!  Maybe you are like me... We wait in doctors offices. We wait in traffic. We wait in stores. We wait in drive thru's. The more we wait... the more frustrated we get. Even more challenging is that we live in a fast paced world. I can send an email to someone on the other side of the world and they will get it in seconds. We want everything now and fast. 

We see something we want and we can't afford... Sure we could wait and save for it but we want it now! So... we are willing to go into debt because WE WANT IT NOW!

Have I described you? These words come quite easily because they describe the person I look into the mirror each and every day. I am a person that doesn't like to wait.
Attitudes are deeply settled, engrained behaviors that exist within us. Albeit all of us carry good and bad attitudes.

There is no argument that each day we will wait. It is in these moments that we can become frustrated and angry. We blame others because WE have to wait. It is to bad that we weren't the only humans created. 

Patience is the capacity to accept delay without getting angry. There will be moments of our lives where waiting will be more serious than waiting in a traffic jam. Maybe waiting on a raise. Waiting on results from a biopsy. Waiting for a conflict to resolve. We will be confronted with a choice in our waiting. Will we wait with a spirit of patience without getting angry? Or will waiting shake the foundation of our faith and lead us to a place of deep worry, anger, and blame?

I am beginning to connect the significance of the moments where we have to wait every day: traffic jams, doctors' office, the grocery store, etc. It is in these moments that God is fostering patience within us. When we have to wait in the more serious moments of life we have established a deeper capacity and ability to wait and trust in God. 

Looking forward to breaking the soil so that we might become more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in rediscovering good attitudes.