Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rediscovering Good Attitudes: CONFIDENCE

Christ following people don't know what to with the word "Confidence." In fear that we might be to confident we try to be humble. So often our humility is disguised as self-deprecation. Someone appreciates something we did and we in-turn criticize ourselves or diminish the gifts that God has given us. We might be self-deprecating because we fear being prideful. We don't want to come across sounding prideful... "yeah I know.. I am pretty awesome... God spent some extra time on me.."

When we think of confidence.... we think often of self-confidence. We see it in Moses' call story. God has this great plan for Moses to lead the Israelite's out of slavery. No doubt a big job but God created Moses for this reason and was going to be with him all the way. 

Moses' response, "No thanks, God.You got the wrong person." God's response, "Who is it that you gave you your mouth to speak?" Moses has the audacity to again reaffirm that God has the wrong person. 

Moses heard what God said about him and was only paying attention to what "Moses thought about Moses." According to Moses himself he was not able to do what God thought he could do. We do this all the time. We believe God is calling us to do something and then instead of listening to what God thinks... we listen to what we think about ourselves. Our own self confidence will ALWAYS be a losing battle because we will either believe that we are the best thing in the world meaning we don't need God or that we were a mistake of little worth meaning we don't much care about what God thinks. 

Like Moses our hope is that we might get to a place of GOD-CONFIDENCE. No longer are we confined to care MORE about what WE think about ourselves but we care more so about what GOD THINKS about US. I am a person created by God, a person of worth, a child of God, a person that is gifted by God. Sure YOU might not be so sure of what God thinks... but on this Christ following journey we are called to rely on what we think less and less and to rely on what God thinks. 

We see the GREATNESS that God called out in Moses when Moses finally heard with clarity that he was created for this. May we be empowered and embolden to take hold of the type of confidence that only God can give!