Thursday, March 23, 2017

Into the Darkness

We don't spend a great amount of time talking about our sin, our struggles, or our strife. We try the best we can to keep our secrets and our sins in the darkness. We are still Adam and Eve hiding in the garden... ashamed and fearful all the while God asks ,"Where are you?". 

We are quick to say that "Jesus died for me" but we are somewhat lost in what this might mean for our own lives. 

Many of us might be aware of the problems and the darkness that others face and wouldn't touch their problems with a ten foot pole. We keep our distance. We don't want to deal or live in other peoples problems. We some how transfer these same feelings to God. If we don't want to get involved surely God doesn't want to either. Why would God care about my struggles and my darkness? 

Part of our work in this Lenten season is not merely repentance but it is also remembering. It is coming to terms that our God is willing to enter into our darkness. Our God is willing to embody those things for which we are ashamed. Jesus demonstrates God's power by healing, redeeming, and saving us from our sin and leading us to the light. 

What makes the murder of our savior ironically wonderful is that God not only entered our darkness. 

He died for it.

I don't know about you... knowing what I know about me and the world...  no one has ever done that.