Thursday, March 30, 2017

Into the Darkness: Do you Believe this?

Our darkness can be debilitating. It is difficult to have hope when it seems all we experience is suffering. It can feel like one bad thing after another. The sin we have tried repenting of keeps coming back and lurking around. John says, "The WORD became flesh and lived among us..." "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it." 

Jesus enters into the chaos of Mary and Martha unafraid. They are sad and anxious at the loss of their brother Lazarus. Jesus finds out about their suffering and begins his journey into the center of the storm. The word "Bethany" means "house of affliction." Jesus goes to the center of our pain to be present, to grieve alongside, and to proclaim the Good News that he is the "resurrection and the life." 

Jesus asks Martha, "Do you believe this?" When you think about the Lord's prayer and the Creeds we affirm they all end with a great proclamation that our suffering, our darkness, and even our death will not have the last word. 

This is all good news for the future afterlife but what about now? Jesus proclaims to Martha that resurrection matters now. When we believe on an intrinsic level that our suffering is not definitive. We believe God's word is eternal and that it changes how we live and exist not just later but now. We are able to carry deep, rooted hope in the presence of evil and suffering.