Thursday, February 9, 2017

I Still Believe in Prayer

Most of us will confess that on our Christ following journey that we are "not there yet." In this we confess and celebrate places for which God has moved within us but also are reminded that God is still growing us. We are "not there yet" but we are "one our way." These past few weeks we have been talking about some of the ideals of our faith like giving and forgiveness. Ideals that don't come naturally but come with much work, discipline. This week we will be talking about this significant, spiritual act called prayer. 
This past week I surveyed about 25 percent of the congregation to see where we were at on our journey when it comes to prayer. We celebrate that we are a praying church. Most of us pray multiple times a day in our car, home, and work. 100 percent of us said that we pray for our families, friends, and church. This is good news! 100 percent of us also said prayer works! If this is true then we ought to lean in when it comes to prayer. Sure we can become defensive and say, "We pray enough already!" We have been asking ourselves these past few week how we might all live deeper in to these ideals that we carry as a Christian people. For prayer we might ask, "how might I have a deeper prayer life?" "How might I be more disciplined in my prayer life?"

We have said these past few weeks when we are all committed to growing closer to Christ and taking small steps together that God pours out among us. Not that God doesn't pour out already among us but it is special when we are all devoted to growing and being shaped into Christ's image for our life.