Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Still Believe in Good News

One need not be convinced that there is bad news in this world. The possibility that Good might infiltrate the abominable seems scandalous and delusional. Jesus sends us Christian people out into the world with little and into a world infiltrated by bad news so that we might be the bearers, witnesses, and proclaimers of Good News. 

The cynic in us all wants to argue that there isn't much good news to be celebrated nor seen. The cynic says just turn on the news for a moment and you will see. We as good news bearers recognize the challenges before us and yet we also recognize the need and the ache for the world to hear and embody the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

It isn't complicated. God is sending us out into this world. The grocery store, the work place, the day care, the gas station...all the places we find ourselves through out the week to be the bearers of this Good News. It is paying for someone's meal just because. For those that will receive our donations from these past few weeks... they aren't merely receiving items... we are Good News to them. It is Good News to that friend that needs an affirming voice in their midst. It is Good News to the bereaving as we pray and comfort them in their pain. It is Good News to the lonely and hurting that we will stand by there side and hold them up. Good News! 

Who is it that God is calling you to bring about Good News?