Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Sermon Series starting 1/22::: I Still Believe

On January 22nd we will be starting a new sermon series called "I Still Believe." Some of us begin each new year by making a resolution. We do this because we carry an idea of a better version of ourselves. We might wonder to ourselves, "what would my life look like if I didn't eat dessert every night, scroll social media for hours, watch hours of television, volunteer more, etc.?" We believe in an ideal and we become resolute about pursing this ideal. 

Most weeks following the sermon we recite the apostles creed. In this creed we affirm what we believe. We affirm the essence and foundation of our faith. The ideal. 

For the next few weeks our focus will be on the ideals that we as Christians carry and how we might become more resolute about growing in these ideals together. 

There is a challenge each week. Each week we will be collecting an item. The catch is we just want you to bring one per person. We need everyone to be ALL IN on this effort. For example if it is can goods and you have two people in your family... just bring two (don't bring three). 

1.22 I Still Believe in the Church 
Bring one can good per person
1.29 I Still Believe in Forgiveness
Bring a blanket 
2.05 I Still Believe in Giving
Bring a $1 to place in the communion offering
2.12 I Still Believe in Prayer
Bring a pair of shoes
2.19 I Still Believe in the Gospel
Bring a piece of clothing (jackets if you have one to donate)

We will collect them on the altar each Sunday and donate at the end of the series.