Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Still Believe in Forgiveness

Last week we said that the church is a group of people empowered by the Holy Spirit and devoted to God and one another. The church at it's best is when everyone is striving for the ideal that God intended the church to be. We also recognize that the church has always been composed  of sinners. We wander in the door each and every week broken and marred by our own sins and the sins of others. Sooner or later we bump into one another. We might gossip or say hurtful words to someone. It doesn't take long for a newcomer to understand why so and so doesn't talk to so and so. They bear the wounds and the scars of their own brokenness. 

God sets some pretty audacious ideals for us to pursue. Among the most difficult just might be forgiving one another. We make excuses, "You don't understand how much they hurt my feelings..." We might say we "forgave" but we are still holding on to the anger and resentment. 

It almost if many of us believe that God calls us to forgive one another to harm US. Could it be that living in unforgiveness isn't the best plan? Maybe unforgiveness is holding us back. We let unforgiveness define us, "I am angry because of what so and so said to me." Rather than being defined by who God says we are. 

The glue that holds this thing called the "church" together is forgiveness. We recognize that we are all broken and marred by sin and we need God's grace. When we choose to live in grace and forgive one another we release a burden that we were carrying for far to long. Even more the church is at its best when we forgive one another.