Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC::: All I Want for Christmas WEEK 2

Change is painful. It is like getting a shot. You know it is for the better but MAN does it hurt. Most people can't swallow change unless they are  knocked out and numb. 

The thing about change is that it is NEVER easy and it always causes us some element of pain. This is why we in the church avoid change like the plague. Take a change such as stopping smoking. The reason most people can't stop is because those first weeks and months are the most difficult and painful. Even though the greater good would be living longer we find it hard to change because of the pain that stands in between. Change is always painful and that is why we MUST have a greater vision. 

This Sunday we will read of John the Baptist's call for people to repent of their sins. A call to change their path and their ways. One might be convinced that repenting of our sins is for the greater good of ourselves but it is much larger. JB says we are preparing for the Lord to come. I am going to change my ways so that Christ might come and dwell in me so that his light might shine through my life. 

Last week we asked what it is we want for Christmas or in other words we wondered, yearned, and longed for the places that Christ would come about. Maybe it is in our relationships, in our careers, in our marital struggles, financial struggles, etc,. We are reminded during this Advent season that Christ has come and is coming to dwell with in our own struggles but it is also a call to change our path. If we struggle with loneliness we must begin to make decisions that places us in a community that encourages us, prays for us, and lifts us up. We must make the move. We must change. Not for our sake but for Christ's. Our hope and our yearning is that this Advent story would be much more. It would be our story about how Christ came in dwelled in our own skin. 

Looking forward to diving deeper!