Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Day Service: The Light has Overcome the Darkness

It is in the darkness when we feel the palpable need for light. When the power goes out and we go looking for that flashlight that we put somewhere. We don't go looking for a grand spot light but just enough light to lead us on our way. 

I don't have to convince you that darkness is in this world.  All we have to do is watch the news. Doesn't matter what channel. Each day it tell us the same story... there is darkness in the world. 

We do need to be convinced that it doesn't take much light to dispel overwhelming darkness. It wasn't in the light of day that shepherds heard angels sing... it was in the dark of night. They were lead simply by the small light of the stars. 

It doesn't take a spot light to lead us out of darkness and it doesn't take a lot of hope to get us on our way. Just a little hope is able to take us a long way and lead us out of the darkness we so often face. 

May this Christmas be a simple celebration that 2000 years ago that a savior was born that went largely un-noticed. He might not have come in blazing glory but he gave us just enough light to recognize the darkness shall be overcome.