Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC::: Work Matters

Paul says that those that don't work shouldn't eat. You could also say it this way, "those who work hard will reap the fruit of their labor." What might this mean for our common work together as the body of Christ? God will bless us if we are faithful and  all labor together.

Paul said these words to the Thessalonian community who became so consumed that Jesus was coming back that they quit their jobs and because of this they no longer could sustain themselves with food. Paul says to them in lite of Jesus coming back we should work harder not less. Yes be vigilant and aware but keep working. What a great message for us in our own context. We might have our own excuses for not engaging in the work Christ has called us to do. We might look at our own context as fledgling. Church attendance is declining. The community is declining. The church has lost its place in the life of the community therefore why should we even engage in new ways of thinking and being. Why should we work? Lets just give up and adopt the word "no" as our mantra and move on. 

Paul tells us to run from such people that adopt this mentality. These people can become toxic to us. Complacency is a dangerous disease in the life of the church. Yet the work we are called to is still sacred and significant. We still have a place in the community and our work still matters. 

There are dreams and visions among us that have been left unspoken in fear of failure, in fear of the ominous naysayer. Zig Zigler says,"If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time." We are fearful of new ideas because we fear failing but doing nothing gives us a 100 percent chance of failing and success comes at the cost of being willing to learn and change. Where is God calling us deeper? Where is it that God is calling us to take a risk? And to stand up among the naysayers to lead, dream, and vision? Not for the sake of our own glory but for the sake of the lives that might be impacted by Jesus Christ through our hands and our feet. 

Your work matters.