Monday, November 21, 2016

This Sunday @ LH :::: All I want for Christmas

Zechariah says that we are "prisoners of hope." There is no situation or circumstance no matter how tragic or seemingly impossible that isn't without hope. We no longer have to entertain anxiety nor fear at looming threats but much more hold on to a profound hope that Christ is coming to dwell in us, through us, in all places and circumstances of our lives. 

Advent is the season of expectation and preparation. Although many of  us have moved through this season quite a few times before... it is different yet again. New challenges and new story-lines which means new opportunities for hope. While children might desire EVERY SINGLE TOY down the aisle! Where might it be that we long for Christ to come in our own lives? Where has fear and anxiety seeped in that has caused you to lose hope? A lost job, family turmoil, personal struggles, relational struggles financial struggles, depression, loneliness,... where is it in our lives that we have given up and given in? 

Advent is about our senses being reawakened and for us to carry renewed vigor that Christ is coming to those places that we have felt for so long abandoned.