Thursday, October 6, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC::: Thankful and Saved

"Thank you" are words that we often find in our daily vocabulary. We say "thank you" to some one that opens the door for us. We say "thank you" to the person who stops to show concern when our car is broke down alongside the highway. These words sometimes seem rudimentary and polite but they just might be bigger than we think. They are words that express to someone that something you did for me mattered and it changed me. 

In our gospel text this Sunday Jesus heals ten lepers but only one comes back giving thanks. Jesus is caught off guard that only one of these people has come back giving thanks. He wonders why the others were not "thankful". This brings about an interesting contrast in how people approach Jesus. Some folks simply approach Jesus with the hopes that he might take away their problem. They are willing to do XY and Z so that they might be rid of the problem. This contrasts with those that want more. Folks who don't just want to be rid of their problems but to be filled with the fullness of God. The one who came back giving "Thanks" didn't simply want to be absent of his leporsy but more so longed not just for the power of Jesus but for Jesus himself. This man came back in a spirit of real humility and gratefulness saying to Jesus "that what you did for me mattered and changed me." 

When someone doesn't say Thank You it feels like something is missing and when they do say "thank you" there is a sense of wholeness. That is what this one man found. He found wholeness. Jesus sends him off and says "your faith has made you well." The word for "well" is the same word used for "saved." He was full. He was whole. Presently. 

God has done so much in our lives. God has worked so many miracles. We are reminded to be grateful not just for the sake of being grateful but for knowing that in it we are made full. Be Thankful.