Friday, September 16, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC::: The Way We Speak

This Sunday we are starting a new three week series called "The Way We Speak." We will be looking at the truth that the way we use our words matters. We can use words to break and hurt others or we can use our words to empower and to give life. Speaking is a profound gift. We are told in scripture that God in Genesis 1 uses words and speech to give order, life, and meaning to creation. It is by words that Jesus speaks healing and wellness into the sick. It is through words that Jesus leads his disciples by his teaching and discipleship. James reminds us that the tongue is small it boasts great exploits and Paul reminds that everything that comes from our mouths should be good. 

These next couple of weeks we will be looking at ways that we use words that cause much damage yet are normalized in most Christian communities. This week we will be looking at the unhealthiness of gossip or as some call it "just talking." We have all been on both sides of gossip. We have been the gossipers and the gossiped about. Most of us that gossip... gossip so that we might stay on the gossiper side rather than the gossiped about. We gossip when we tell unfounded, incorrect information to others. We gossip when we tell truthful information that we were supposed to keep in confidence. We gossip to soothe the hurt that someone caused us. 

There might be a justification for the practice of gossip or even we might minimize the damage that it actually does cause because sure there are "Greater" sins. In doing this we cover up the hurt we have caused others and misused the precious gift of using or words to lift others up rather we break others down. Our hope this next week is that we grab a deeper view of the kind of community we are to be in hope of chasing after the life that God has called us into.